Monday, October 29, 2012

Kellogg's Rice krispy Treats House Party!

Rice Krispy Treats are among the top favorites in my household. Everyone loves them. Of course, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to  add them into my daughter's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party!
Here's all the fun we had!
Des loves working in the kitchen so of course she wanted to help make her Minnie mouse treats.

6 cups of cereal measured out

We used mini marshmallows because Des said they were cute!

in went the cereal!
Minnie Mouse rice Krispy treat!

Gotta add some chocolate to them! Yummy!

Our finished product!

It was so much fun to be in the kitchen with my little angel. I wanted to add witch hats to them in honor of Halloween, but the minnie mouse was hard enough to do, so we decided not to. 

They were a huge hit at the party. Party pics will be up later in a different post :)

Disclosure: I received 4 boxes of cereal, a bowl, scrappers, and a chef hat for the house party through All opinions remain my own and all photos are original and mine.