Earn money online

Swagbucks is a fantastic way to stretch your budget! Use your earnings to treat yourself to little luxuries like Starbucks gift certificates, or save up your points to contribute towards your Christmas list.

:: What is Swag Bucks?

Basically it’s a site that allows you to earn great prizes such as iPhones, iPods, concert tickets, gift cards, and more just for using them to search the Internet. For example, an Amazon.com eGift card is only 450 Swag Bucks!

:: How do I sign up for Swag Bucks?

It’s super easy! Just go to Swag Bucks and fill out your information. You'll receive 30 points just for registering to get you started. After you've registered, read on to maximize your earnings potential.

:: Tips for maximizing your Swag Bucks earnings:

Once you've registered with Swag Bucks, earning SB is easy. Just follow the instructions below to earn!

Perform these tasks every day:

1.Install the Swag Bucks toolbar. You'll earn points every day when you first open your browser just for having it installed!
2.Click through the No Obligation Offers and get an instant Swag Bucks credit. Just indicate "No" or "Skip" or "See Next Offer" to offers that don't interest you.
3.Take the Swag Bucks daily poll to earn Swag Bucks.
4. Take the trusted surveys. Even when you don't qualify for a survey or when there aren't any available, you still get 1 SB each day you click on it. (Thanks to my friend, Anna for telling me about this)
5.Perform Internet searches using the Swag Bucks site or toolbar throughout the day. You have a chance to earn with each search. Advanced technique -- bookmark Swag Bucks searches for your favorite sites instead of the direct URLs for additional chances to earn.

Mega Swag Bucks Friday:

Be sure to search on Fridays for the opportunity to win Swag Bucks in larger-the-usual amounts. Win in amounts of 10, 20, 50 or even 100 Swag Bucks!
Other ways to earn:

1.Follow Swag Bucks on Twitter, Facebook, and the Swag Bucks blog. They regularly offer limited-time only Swag Codes on each of these sites.
2.Watch the "From TSG" spot on the toolbar for notifications of limited Swag Codes. They may direct you to one of the sites above or you may find a code right in the notification. These usually expire within a few hours.
3.Invite your friends to join Swag Bucks. You'll earn every time they search and win too!
4.Recycle cell phones, MP3 players, video games, and gaming consoles.
5.Shop through Swag Bucks and earn SB on each purchase.
6.Send photos or videos of prizes redeemed through Swag Bucks and earn up to 20 SB.
7.Contribute ideas for the daily poll and receive 100 SB if your poll is featured.