Monday, October 29, 2012

Cheap Gas! #Fuel Perks

I normally like to save my fuel perks until I have around $3 so that I get gas extra cheap when I fill up. I also take both cars when I fill up so that I can take full advantage of my savings and use the full 20 gallons!

Yesterday I used my fuel perks and got 20 gallons of gas for ... $2.78!! Yes that' right $2.78 for 20 gallons. All thanks to Bi-Lo's fuel perks program. Meaning I got each gallon for just under $0.14! 

Thanks to Bi-Lo, I saved $65  on gas! ($3.25 fuel perks x20 gallons) 

*If I would have know I could link my Shell card to my Bi-Lo card as well, I would have gotten it all completely free, but atleast I know that for next time.