Smart Shopping 101

I went shopping yesterday and two ladies standing behind me wanted to Know how I saved so much. To me, it's a way of life, but before I started couponing, I never would have known how to or even that you could.

Now if you were like me before I started couponing, yeah you shop the sales, yeah you use a coupon here and there, BUT are you really taking advantage of the sales and coupons available to you?
I know I wasn't.BUT now I am! and here's what I have learned...

Saving money isnt just about sales. You have to combine the sales with available coupons and even rebates. 

Sales:  Often times you will see Buy 1 Get 1 (BOGO) sales, 2 for $5 2 for $3 etc..  You like to shop these sales right?  I know I do!

Coupons: It isn't all about the Sunday Paper, use online coupons, email or write companies,  magazines, etc. There are many ways to get coupons.

Rebates: Rebates are available all the time. Companies want us to try their products. Especially if the product is new! You can find rebates in magazines, hanging on products in the store, on store displays, and even online.

Combining them all: Saving money means combining the sales, coupons, and rebates available to you. It also means knowing your stores coupon policy, many of which can be found online.

When you see a B1G1 sale and you buy two products make sure to use 2 coupons.
(Most stores the products will both ring up half price with this sale. There are a few stores that are true BOGO though. Check with your local store)
Sale +Coupon example:  frozen vegetables are on sale as  BOGO at 3.49
I have two $1.00 off 1 coupons.
Since I'm buying 2 I would use both coupons.
In this case I would pay $1.49 for two bags of vegetables.
That's much better than almost $7 for two, right?

Often times you will see rebates, when you do.. take advantage of them.
Sale+coupon+rebate example: There is a $2.50 rebate out for razors
those same razors are on sale for 2 for $5
You have a $4 off 2 coupon
You pay $1 at the store out of pocket
and get $2.50 back as a rebate
In the end you were paid $1.50 to buy them
That's money back in your pocket!

Other Helpful tips:

You can check the status of rebates  and samples processed through CMS, Inc. by entering your name and zipcode. You’ll see a list of all rebates and samples you’ve ever requested. Click on any entry to get the complete details including whether you qualified and the date processed..