About me!

My name is Chantal. I'm a work at home mom. I'm a mother to one beautiful little girl who will be 3 in October.  I'm a writer in many aspects. I love blogging and poetry.  I'm a shopper who refuses to pay retail price for anything unless its an emergency. 

I started blogging in hope to help another family save money.  For a long time I only  had to provide for myself ... Money was never an issue and  while I worked hard to earn it... I blew through it like crazy at the same time...  I remember when I was 17, I worked a full time job and went to school.. I bought a brand new pair of timberlands...  ( My favorite shoe EVER!) ... guess how much I paid for them? over a hundred! yep $100... I know... jaw dropper isn't it?!?
Over time, I have grown to love shopping and spending less. At one point I was spending  $350-$400 every two weeks on groceries alone for my family.  I could kick myself for all the money we threw away by not knowing how to shop! I ran across a blog and was blown away by what I saw. Getting Glade candles for  less than a dollar?!? that was unheard of! Soon after i found myself following over 50 different blogs and seeking out all the best deals. Not buying anything without a coupon and sale.
I have become a shopper.. a true shopper.
So, here it is, my  goal to help other families.
My goal to save more money than I spend.

PR welcome. 

Email me: thischattanoogamommysaves (at) gmail (dot) com

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