Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where to get coupons

There are many places you can get coupons from. Here are the main sources for coupons. 

1.Manufacturers Coupons/ Sunday Papers
  • Most coupons are manufacturers coupons. They come from the Sunday paper, online, tearpads, and much more. 
  • I normally get 5 papers each week. The rule I would go by is to get 1 for each  person in your household. 
  • I post the Sunday Coupon preview each Thursday, this will help you decide if you want extra papers.

2.Internet Printables
  • Some stores offer ecoupons. Simply login to their site and add the store ecoupons to your store card. 
  • Savingstar- Savingstar offers coupons that you load to your account. They do not come off at the register. Instead, Once you use a coupon the amount is added to your savingstar account. Once you reach $5, you can then have the money transferred to you via amazon Giftcards, paypal, etc. 
  •  Cellfire (not available in chattanooga)
  • shortcuts (not available in chattanooga)
  • Target Mobile Coupons
  • UPromise   (Goes hand in hand with Savingstar and often has the same offers. If you use it on savingstar, you can't get it on Upromise... )

4. Magazines
  •  Some magazines will have coupons in them
  • Often times you can get magazines for free- order these! You never know what coupons will come in them
  • All You magazine-  You can pick this up at walmar, but you can get a better deal is you subscribe to it. It comes out once a month with TONS of hot coupons. 

5. Email Companies 
 Follow me as I email 5 companies a day through Click it to Clip it

6.Coupon Trains/ Trading/Forums
  • There are many sites that offer coupon trains. Basically Person A sends Person B  on the list an envelope of coupons. Person B would then take out the coupons they want and replace them with coupons they won't use and then send it to the Person C on the list. and the cycle continues over and over.
  • My favorite ones are over at We Use Coupons 
  • You can also trade coupons with people. Say you have baby coupons that you don't need. You could trade them with someone who does need them in return for something you do need. 
7. Free samples
  •  Request the free samples that are posted.  Most free samples will come with a  coupon that you can't get anywhere else.
8.Inside Products
  •  Often times you can find coupons on the inside of packages. Cereal boxes are good for this 
9.Dr. Office
  • While you are sitting at the Dr, check around for coupons.  I have found tons of coupon pads at my local Dr.Office as well as some samples.
10. Recyclebank
  •  Join recyclebank- You complete simple tasks such as watching a short clip or answering a poll in return for points. You can use the points to purchase giftcards, etc. These are normally higher value coupons that you can't get any where else. 

11.. Other sources
  • Check the back of your receipts
  •  Inside Happy meal toy bags
  • Fundraiser events- Kids will often sale coupon books for the school


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