Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What are Coupons!

Today,  I am starting a new series called couponing 101. We will talk about the basics of couponing, how to collect coupons, how to use coupons, etc.  It's basically a couponing class in a blog form.. Get ready! Here we go!!

1. Understanding Coupons

  •  Coupons come from Different sources- Manufacturers and stores.
  •  Stores accept coupons, then mail them in and get reimbursed for them
  • Some stores have coupon limits.

    • These can be the number of coupons they take all together
    • These can be the number of internet printable coupons they accept
    • These can be the number of competitor coupons a store will accept.

2. Define Coupons
  • Most coupons will come from the Sunday Paper or as Internet Printables.
  • The Sunday Paper will have coupon inserts most weekends (Holiday weekends do not have coupon inserts)
    • RedPlum (RP)
    • SmartSource (SS)
    • Procter & Gamble (P&G)
    • Pepsico
    • General Mills (GM)
    • Target ( Our area doesn't get many target inserts, but we can order them online)
  • Tearpads- You will often see coupons hanging near products in your store. These are tearpad coupons
  • Blinkies- The little machines that blink and spit out coupons
  • Catalina- These are coupons that print out of the catalina machine during checkout. These can be Manufacturers coupons as well as store coupons
  • Winetags- These are coupons that  hang around the neck of the bottle at the store. 
  • Ecoupons- These are coupons that don't require a paper form. They are electronic. They are normally  attached to your store cards.
  • Internet Printable Coupons- These are coupons that we can print offline.

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