Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Earn with your smartphone!

I have to admit... I'm an Iphone addict!!!
I spend a ton of time on my phone, between checking emails, doing surveys, trying new apps, etc.

I love trying out new apps, especially ones that earn me money!

I have gathered a list of all the apps I use to earn money or that help me save some!

checkpoints- scan items in store to earn coins so  you can redeem them  for items and gift cards.  You also earn  coins when you scan items in stores. You can also earn by playing the games.

jingit- check in and there might be opportunities to scan items and answer a few questions.  You apply for a Jingit card (it costs $2 but the fee comes out of the free money you earn in your account).

shopkick-  you will earn FREE gift cards just by scanning items while you shop.  Most of the gift cards will load to your phone for immediate use.  You can also earn walk in points just for walking into the store.

savingstar- add the coupons to your account, after you make a purchase the  amount of the coupon will be added to your savingstar ccount. Once you reach $5 in your savingstar account you can request a cashout.

Foursquare-you will find discounts occasionally.  It is fun to be able to meet up with friends and be Foursquare friends.  You just check into places you go and you might open a special like a free appetizer or BOGO offer.  There are sometimes dollar off deals.

Viggle- Check in while watching tv.   The Viggle app on your phone will listen to the show or movie you are watching and will give you points after the program is over.  You can use your points for gift cards or merchandise!

ibotta- Upload your receipt that has a qualifying purchase and you will earn cash back!

Coupon Sherpa- gives you a list of coupons that you can use in-store.  Just present coupon on phone for cashier to scan.

 Coupons.com- print coupons directly from your phone once you  connect it to your printer.

 Zapiddy pays you to answer questions & take photos while you shop in-store. 

 Receipt Hog- earn money by submitting your store receipts.


Jennifer said...

Wow! I had no idea...I mean, I've been using coupons.com for a while, but I've never heard of the others. I love the idea of earning money while I shop!