Thursday, October 25, 2012

Minnie Mouse wreath! #Minnie Mouse Birthday Bash

I have found a new love for pinterest recently. I didn't know what all the excitement was about so I had to check it out. well, now I am.. ADDICTED. Yep! I'm in love with pinterest!

I found  tons of craft ideas, recipes to try, and tons and tons of birthday party ideas. Speaking of Birthday ideas...

I came across this HOT Mickey Mouse inspired wreath! Isn't it adorable???? Confessions of a plate addict did an amazing job! It's so nice!!!

Of course I had to create my own! It's too cute not to make! I set out to hobby lobby with my 40% off coupon in hand. I started out by buying  a 12" wreath form, and  225 balloons. Since most of the party stuff is pink, black, and white for Minnie mouse, We choose 3 packs of balloons for  each color.

I started by adding some Minnie mouse ribbon that I already had on hand to it so that I could hang it. Then I set out to attach the balloons.

I tried stapling the balloons to the wreath form, but they didn't hold so then I tried nail glue ( because I have tons of it on hand). The nail glue worked great. I simply glued the balloons to the wreath form in a random pattern.  I didn't cover the back of the wreath mainly because nobody is ever going to see it.. Plus, I would need more balloons to do so.

*At one point I ran out of all the nail glue I had on hand so I tried hot glue.. Hot glue didn't work. It peeled off  instead of holding the balloons in place.

Once all the balloons were attached I  used ribbon to  put the number 4 in the center of a mickey cut out.   I was going to hang this in the center of the wreath, but it just didn't stand out enough.

I wanted to put a stuffed Minnie in it, but I was afriad it would disappear with all the kids running in and out so I then ran out to hobby lobby again to get a wooden letter D (For Destiny). I hung the letter D in the center and then put the mickey cut off to the side.

I taped the mickey cut out on to the balloons so that after the party I can remove it and then hang the wreath in her room.  Afterall, she won't be 4 forever. Though I wish I could make that happen. LOL

Hope you all are inspired to make something handmade for your next gathering! Many thanks to Confessions of a plate addict for being my inspiration! I can't wait to see everyone's faces when they see the New Minnie Mouse wreath that I made for my little angel.


Mommy2MandL said...

Cute! Hobby Lobby had the balloons? Do you recall how many per package and package price?