Thursday, October 25, 2012

Minnie Mouse Inspired nails!

The big day is getting closer and closer. I can't believe my little angel is going to be 4!!! It's bitter sweet! I'm excited for her big day, But part of me is crying inside because she is growing up so fast.

I'm sure you all have noticed my many phases of nail art  in all my photos, but I had to play my part and dress up my nails for the Minnie Mouse Birthday Bash.  I didn't want anything that would stand out too much since I will have the same nail design for the next few weeks, but I wanted something that would also go with her party so I did Minnie Mouse inspired polka dots on my nails.
  Now I have to do Des' nails  and will probably do hers solid pink with white dots.  

Once I have done hers I will make sure to post them for you all to see :)
How do you play your part in your kid's birthday parties?