Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Minnie Mouse Candy Baggies! #Minnie Mouse Birthday Bash!

Having a pinata was a ton of fun. For the kids and adults!

I couldn't put a lot of candy in the pinata though because it only held 2lb of candy so I made small baggies of candy to give out as well.

I got small baggies from my local store and drew Minnie Mouse on each of them. In the center of Minnie I placed the number 4 since Des was turning 4. I then placed candy in each bag making sure the bags were all the same.

Everyone loved the bags and they were super easy to make. It helped avoid kids fighting over candy so much as well. Don't be scared to get fancy and add ribbon to the bags or tags as well. I just didn't have enough time to do all the fancy stuff, but I wish I had because they were a huge hit!