Friday, October 26, 2012

Minnie Mouse Bow Review #Minnie Mouse Birthday Bash

It's so much fun to raise little girls. There are tons of ways to make them happy. Playing dress-up, makeup, shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc. There are many things that make little girls happy! The top 5 for my daughter would be bows, bows, bows, bows, and BOWS!

Did I mention she loves Bows??

Des is also all over Minnie Mouse right now. Everything Minnie Mouse. I love it because it's a classic. I remember watching Minnie and Mickey growing up and now I am glad that I can share that bond with my daughter.  So why not combine her 2 favorite things? 

Bows can be expensive, luckily Erin from Cute-E-Shop offers well priced amazing bows! They are adorable and well made.  

The Minnie Mouse Bow we received was amazing!
It's glamorous and any little girl would love to have it! 

I love the way it was wrapped and tied with a bow. It gave it that special touch that tells you that they care for their customers. It was really nice. It's made of 6 different ribbons that all match very well. 

The centerpiece is silver bottle cap that is reversed so that the image sits in the middle. The image is then sealed so that it won't get ruined.  I love that it's reversed so that little hands can't try to pull it off. The bow is handmade and done so with great care. All the ends are heat sealed to prevent fraying. 

Cute-E-Shop has so much to offer everyone! There are tons of cute items ranging from bows to outfits. Everything is unique and fun and is sure to bring your family joy.
Make sure to shop with her for your little girl's holiday needs!

Purchase it!
You can purchase this bow as well as tons of other great bows from the Cute-E-Shop etsy page!

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Disclosure: I received the bow mentioned above at no cost to me for review purposes only. All opinions remain my own.