Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Start a Binder

Starting a binder takes a little time to get it all organized, but you will so happy with your finished product!

  • step one is to get the products you need! Here are the basic products, but some like to add in other small items.
    • A 2" binder
    • 100 Baseball card plastic sheet holders
    • dividers
      •   some people like to get a pencil pouch and add in a calculator, scissors, etc.  I personally don't do this as I use my phone for most of it and my coupons are all cut prior to going to the store.

  • Decide how many different categories you have and label your dividers accordingly. Mine is separated into 16 categories,which I will be posting later.  Label each tab after you have figured out what you want them to be.
    • I have seen people label them in many different ways: alphabetical, by store isle, by food category, etc. do what's best for you!
  • Organize all of your coupons to fit into one of the categories.
  • Place your dividers into the binder. Also place a handful of baseball card sheets in between each divider.
  •  Go through each category and place your coupons into the baseball card slots in the coordinating category.

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