Friday, September 28, 2012

The Original Dish Drying Mat Review

Doing dishes is one of my least favorite chores around my house. I dread cooking because I know dishes follow. The worst part for me is that  I hate drying the dishes.  Sure, I have left them in the sink to dry, but that leaves my kitchen looking messy so I follow back in to hand dry them and out them away. I have ploaced towels down on the counter to let them air dry, but this leaves it looking messy as well and then I have a soaked towel to wash and dry up afterwards. I have also tried the drying racks that you place on the counter or in the sink. Those are great, but they don't hold enough dishes, it still looks messy, and it catches water in the bottom. That just creates another job for me to do so how does that make it any easier for me?! It doesn't!

Luckily, The original dish drying mat has come to my rescue! It's a new solution to the age old attempts of drying dishes! 
I admit I was a little hesitant that this was going to be any better than everything else I have tried. I really thought I was doomed to hand drying dishes for the rest of my life.  It's super light weight, extra soft, and seemed too good to be true. 
I am thrilled to tell you that this fell straight from heaven! They should have attached wings to the side because it's AMAZING!!

  • It's easy to store it! Simply fold it and place it in a drawer or you can even hang it with the nifty loop!
  • It's easy to clean! Simply toss it in the washer with like colors  and tumble dry low.  Tips: Use cold water,  Don't use bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets.  Do not iron. 
  • It also has many uses. You can place this under your dish rack instead of the plastic drain board, You can place it under your appliances to avoid a mess or scuffing up your counter tops, and much more. 
  • It's super soft and is great for cushioning those delicate dishes
  • It's lightweight, but it does an amazing job at  absorbing 4x it's weight in water.  
  • Comes in 4 colors: cream, green, gray, red

It's really a super mat!
It's unique, laminated design combines a new thicker layer of foam between two layers of high quality absorbent microfiber.  It even has a satisfaction guarantee!! I happen to love companies that stand behind their products!

I traded in the drying towel and tried out the Original Dish Drying mat and boy was I surprised! It held up great! Measuring  16" x 18", it's big enough that I can fit all the dinner dishes on it. Plus it comes in an additional size of 18"x 24". That's sure to cover any job!

 Could it get any better? Sure can!
After dinner I placed all of the dishes on the mat and left them to dry on my counter. Sure I was worried because I hate how leaving dishes out makes everything look messy. I sat and watched a movie and then headed back to the kitchen to see how things were going and  to my surprise, it didn't take long before they were dry. Every single dish was dry and ready to be put up. Putting them up took no time.
I was excited that I didn't have to leave dishes sitting out on the counter overnight and there wasn't a huge mess of water to clean up afterwards. Nope Not even one drop! The top of the mat was a little damp from the dishes, but the backside of the mat was still as dry as it could get!

I don't think I'll ever use another drying towel again! My whole family has come to love this mat and we use it daily. It simplies our lives by giving us more time together and less time drying dishes!
Now if only they could invent a simple way to wash dishes for those of us without dish washers.

Purchase it:
You can purchase the Original Dish Drying mat at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for a Suggested Retail Price of $4.99

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