Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Know Your Stores Coupon Policy

 Knowing your stores coupon policy can make a world of changes for you. I reccomend getting to know the cashiers and managers at your store. It will help things go smoothly as well.  At my local store, all the managers and cashiers know I coupon and most know me by name. I often times will give them coupons or items as well.  I try to make my trips as easy as I can for them as well so that they don;t get overwhelmed with the couponing trips.

  • Does your store double or triple coupons?
  • Do they have a  limit of coupons per transaction?
  • Do they have a limit of like coupons per transaction?
  • Do they accept competitor coupons?
  • Do they allow you to stack coupons?
  • Do they havea  limit of competitor coupons?
  • What stores do they consider a coimpetitor?
  • How does their Buy One Get one sales ring up?
    •  Some stores will make each item half price so you still get the sale even if you only buy one product
    • Some stores make one item full proce and the 2nd item $0.00
  • When does the store ad come out?
  • Do they have ecoupons specifically for that store?
  • Do they allow overage?
  • Do they require a store card in order to get the sales price?
  • Do they have surveys on their receipts?

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