Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bi-Lo trip 8/14

I couldn't resist the hot deal on laundry detergent so I ran to Bi-lo to grab them up, but as I walked in I saw a huge buggy full of clearance items and I grabbed the drink mixes

7 all detergent
17 drink mixes
3 gatorade
1 OJ
1 bread
4 cinn toast crunch
2 apple juice

Coupons used
-0.60/1 cinn toast crunch x2
-0.50/1 cinn toast crunch x2
-1/1 all detergent x7
- free OJ x1
-free bread x1
-1/1 refrigerated juice x2
-1/1 all detergent target coupon
-1.50/1 laundry purchase x4
-1/1 laundry purchase x3
-$1.50/1  ready to eat cereal x4

Total Spent: $26.11
Total Saved: $60.08

*I think I did pretty well considering the drink mixes were $17 all together so I ended up paying 9.11 for the rest of it..
Plus, I saved more than my receipt shows because the drink mixes were marked down to $1 and were just entered as grocery $1 each so it doesn't show the amount saved from buying them on markdown rather than full price....

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