Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Corso's Cookies: Sports Fan Birthday Cookie Bouquet Review!

 There are so many occasions that call for gifts and sometimes it can be very hard to choose a gift- regardless of who you are shopping for! I have come across this too often recently as I have several occasions during June and July. luckily Corso's  Cookies make for a great gift!

Corso's Cookies makes it very easy to find the cookie bouquet that you want to order (if you can decide on just one!).  They have the site organized by occasions, holidays, and more! That makes the website very easy to navigate through and saves you time.  I love that they offer shortbread cookies (with a hint of vanilla and a hint of almond flavoring) that are baked fresh daily. It turns your traditional cookie into something much more special and tasty! I also love that they are hand decorated! It adds a special touch that really makes the cookies pop!

With the help of Corso's cookies, I chose the Sports Fan Birthday Cookie Bouquet
for my Hubby's birthday. While he may say " I don't want anything",I know it's nice to get a little surprise.
What's up with that phrase anyway?!?- It totally means "please get me something-even if I refuse!" LOL. Atleast to me it does!   

The first thing that I noticed was how well they are packaged! None of my cookies were broken or misplaced during shipment. They were wrapped extremely well to protect them during shipment, which included a layer of bubble wrap in between each layer of cookies.  So even if you are running late to the party, you can quickly remove the cookie bouquet from the box, unwrap the cookies, and be on your way. No need to assemble or  anything! Corso's Cookies did all the work for us! To me, that really speaks a lot of the company and makes them stand out. 

Oh how they smell! The amazing scent coming from these cookies left me tempted to open one before my hubby had even gotten home to see his wonderful gift! All 3 kiddos were crowding around in amazement. You could almost see the drool  running down their chins!

Once my hubby got home we surprised him with his lovely cookie bouquet. He thought it was very neat and creative and a perfect fit for his sports addiction.- OF COURSE IT WAS! That's what I was aiming for silly!  Once he opened his cookie the kids fell in line to grab one as well.  

What's even better is that they are  super soft and  if you toss them in the microwave for a few second, they taste like they just came out of  the oven! That's what I am talking about! A homemade taste with big flavoring in a wonderful arrangement! The whole family agreed that they are super yummy and a great fit for any occasion. We will definitely be ordering more soon- very soon!

About Corso's Cookies!

"As a kid growing up in Syracuse, New York, Tina Corso loved baking cookies.  She loved creating art, from selling t-shirts to painting clay pots and, of course, decorating cookies to share with friends and family.
Being a smart cookie, Tina decided to open up a small hand-decorated cookie company in 2001 to blend her passion for baking and art into a business. From a humble beginning creating uniquely cool, hand-decorated cookie gifts out of her home, her customers were initially attracted by how beautiful the buttery short bread cookies were decorated, like edible works of art. After tasting them, folks clamored for more and told their friends about Corso's Cookies."- Corso's Cookies

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Prices vary depending on the product you set your heart on.
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Disclosure: I received the above cookie bouquet at no cost to me for review purposes only. All opinions remain my own.