Wednesday, May 8, 2013

They Grow Up!

By now, many of you know about my little angel, Des. She is my world and I know that every mother says that, But seriously, She changed me for the better.

Oct. 29, 2008  is a day that I will never forget. It's the day that I was finally able to look into her eyes and see this beautiful baby that I had carried and cared for.   So many emotions rushed through me, but the strongest was this  great amount of love that I had never experienced before. It's true that you don't really know what love is until you look into your child's eyes. I know that first hand!

Now Oct. 29th is a day that  I celebrate every year without fail- all day long. I plan for it all year long! I make so many decisions around that day and the special person I celebrate it with.  Yes I really do play for her next Birthday party way in advanced..... I guess because I want it to be bigger and better than the last and I want her to feel special. I want her to KNOW she IS special. 

Unfortunatley, they grow up.. FAST. When I found out I was pregnant with Des, I started working at home. I knew I wanted to be home to take care of her and they only way to ensure she was safe is if I was with her.  Can't believe how time flied by though. I remember her first steps, and the jealousy that swept through me when she said dada first. I remember  the first time she slept through the night and   the first time she went potty in her big girl potty. I remember the first time she slept through the night without being in my bed half way through and her reaction to her very own big girl room. 
And now........I remember registering her for PRE-K!! (gasp)

That's right, I had to register Des for Pre-K this past Monday!.  I'm super excited for Des because she is over the moon about going to school. I admit, I am super sad though. For the first time in the past 5 years, I feel helpless and it's kinda scary. My little girl is going to be in school and making friends. She will have part invites and  sleepovers.  It's a lot to take in all at once, but the reality of it is...... They grow up!

I can't wait to see what's in store for Des and her Pre-K experience. I know she will be the best she can be and give her all! I just hope I don't cry the entire year :(

Welcome to my motherhood!