Thursday, March 21, 2013

Purex Natural Elements Tropical Splash Review + Giveaway!

Laundry feels like a chore in my house- I mean it is a chore, but it's my most dreaded chore of all! I'd rather scrub the bathroom  than do laundry! GASP- I know!!!
 I guess I feel that way because I do laundry every day! I used to have it set as one day a week, but then it piled so high that it was unmanageable and ended up being more than one day. Now I do a load almost everyday. Some days i get lucky, but for the most part- it's an everyday thing. That makes it overwhelming and dreadful!

Luckily, Purex Natural Elements Tropical splash laundry detergent  turns all that dread into a wonderful experience. I have been happy to do laundry for the past 2 weeks or so.   Now I have been a lover of the purex natural elements line for quite some time, but this one- OMG this one is simply  AMAZING!  It smells WONDERFUL!

 Exotic fruits like pineapple and coconut combine with distant flowers to take you into the middle of a tropical vacation with New Purex natural elements tropical splash laundry detergent. Let me tell you, that is one vacation I could stay on FOREVER!!

It has the strength to deliver  bright, white, and clean clothes that you expect, but with naturally sources ingredients.  It offers natural fragrance  extracts providing a great scent and a  formula gentle enough for sensitive skin.  It also promotes green cleaning practices with the biodegradable formula!

It's optimized to perform in High efficiency or traditional washing machines and costs half the price of the leading brand, so not only is it great for your nose and the environment, it's great for your wallet too!

Let's review!
  • Hypoallergenic, dye-free formula for sensitive skin
  • Fresh, nature inspired fragrance
  • Packs the cleaning power of Purex with Dirt lift action  
  • exotic tropical scent  

Purchase it!
You can purchase Purex products at many stores including CVS, BI-Lo, Walmart and many more.
This one is currently available in the 50oz, 75oz and 100oz size!

Connect with Purex

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Disclosure:  Purex provided me with a bottle of Purex Natrual Elements Tropical Splash laundry  detergent in exchange for my honest opinions. All opinions remain my own. 


Donna Cheatle said...

4, maybe 5 loads a week

Diana S said...

I do around 3 a week

Josephine D said...

I probably do at least 4-5 loads a week. Perhaps a few more some weeks.

Amanda Hoffman said...


Allison Downes said...


thanks for the chance to win!

Amy Orvin said...

Alot! 10-12

Renee G said...

I do about 7 loads a week.

L Crawford said...

I love Purex :)

Maggie True Armstrong said...

Usually about 6.

clallen said...

i do 7 loads of laundry a week thanks crystal allen

Stephanie Gossett said...

I do about 10 loads a week!

Carol W said...

I do at least 12 loads a week. thanks

Nicole Larsen said...

I do about 5-10 loads a week

Jennifer Nowak Padgett said...

I do 4 to 6 loads a week.

jamie braun said...

about 5-6 loads

Odessa said...

I do about 3-5 loads per week

Wren Foss said...

I do about 4 or more and that isn't all of the laundry

Suzie Williams said...

I do 8 loads.