Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bi-Lo: New Fuel Perks Program!

Bi-Lo is making some changes to their super HOT fuel perks program! If you have looked at this week's ad, you have already spotted some of the changes.

Here's the press release I got yesterday

"With gas prices on the rise, BI-LO is expanding its popular fuelperks! program. Fuelperks! now includes hundreds of additional items that will help you save 5 ¢ to 50 ¢ per gallon, per item. This means bigger and quicker savings using your BI-LO BONUSCARD®.
Saving more with fuelperks! is easy. Fuelperks! is an on-going rewards program where every $50 of groceries bought gives you 5 ¢ off a gallon of gas.  You can redeem fuelperks! rewards right away or build rewards for up to a month with an additional three months to redeem at the pump for up to 20 gallons of gasoline. 
Start saving now. Customers who already have a BI-LO BONUSCARD registered for the fuelperks! program can begin earning bonus rewards by purchasing this week’s bonus items. If you are new to the program, you can sign up for a BONUSCARD in-store or online at and start saving right away!"

Super cool huh?

I love that it's on tons and tons of individual items because that means we can potentially get a free or close to free deal that also gives us tons of fuel perks.
I also love it because it means we should see more deals- hopefully.

I also love that we won't have to do separate transactions to take advantage of the offers.  
Say there is a sale where if you buy 5 yogurt you will get $0.05 fuel perks. well if you buy 10 yogurt you will get $0.10 fuel perks. No need to separate it into different transactions. 

The only thing I am worried about is if the new bonus fuel perks is going to take over all the great sales that we love Bi-Lo for.  Honestly, i would rather see super hot sales than fuel perks.  Now I love filling up for close to nothing all the time, but  if we lose all the great sales we have come to love bi-lo for, there's not much left to stop me from going to Publix or even Walmart for that matter.

What's your thoughts?