Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I hope everyone started the new year in style.  Did you set any resolutions this year? I know I sure did and the list is long! lol

My biggest resolution for 2013 is to be happier. 2012 started off wrong and really set the path for the rest of the year. It was a bad year for me and I hope 2013 shows some changes for me. 

I want to go back to work- I have been a stay at home mom for the past few years. It has had it's ups and downs and while I love working from home, I need my social life back and that means getting out of this house more often. A way to accomplish that is to  go back to work. Des starts school this  year and I need to find me again now that she is going to school- otherwise I will die when she does start.  Being a mom is the most rewarding thing in the world, but I also need to find me again as well. 

I want to lose 25 lbs.- eat better, exercise more.. that's the goal!

I want to be a better person, mom, wife, and friend. - listen more- say I love you more- call friends more just because and really be a better person.

I want to   make a bucket list this year and start crossing off things I would love to accomplish in my life.

I want to take time to write more. I lost my passion for writing  in the mist of the past few years, But I find that writing helps clear my head and it's a great thing to have in my life. Poetry has always been my passion and I want to find that again.

I want to take a road trip- maybe the beach. Just need to get away and live life!

Of course there are plenty more things on my list, but these are the top few.  What's your biggest resolution?