Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet your New Years Resolutions with Eden Fantasys!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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I can't believe it's already January! I mean 2012 went by soooo fast! If you are anything like me, you have a long list of resolutions! Of course I want to lose 25 lbs, get more active, and live life more. My biggest resolution is to be happier in 2013 and to put myself first! I have spent the last 6 years trying to be the best wife I could be and honestly, I think 2013 is a year for ME! I just want to take time to pamper myself
I plan to take more bubble baths! Something about a bubble bath just relaxes me and makes me feel at ease! Gotta love that! Luckily, Booty parlor naughty bubbles is my go to bubble bath! I love how wonderful it smells and how it bubbles up easily. It's light, feminine, and PINK! I also love Booty Parlor don't stop massage oil. It's light and doesn't leave any residue. It's perfect for a nice relaxing massage after a long day at work.  Both of these products come in the  romantic rendezvous love kit.

I also love the flirty little favorites kit.  It's  a trio of "flirty little secrets" which include a body scrub, lotion, and perfume oil. I fell in love with the scrub about a year ago and still use it all the time. Its feminine and silky smooth. I love how the scent lingers on my skin for hours afterwards.
Treasures of the sea - Sensual kit
Looking for another amazing bath product? Treasures of the sea is for you! It turns your water a crystal blue color  and leaves your skin  feeling super soft.  I have given this to several friends as a gift and they all fell in love with it.

They also have PLENTY of makeup options! I love doing my makeup, but it's hard to find makeup that I love.  I find plenty that I like, but having one that I love and use all the time is hard for me.. luckily Eden fantasys has plenty of options to choose from so I am sure you will find one that you love as well.

As you can see, Eden Fantasys has plenty of products to help me stay on track of being happier and paying more attention to myself in 2013.

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