Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Savings Roundup!

Here are this week's Best Turkey Prices at the stores local to Chattanooga.

Bi-Lo 11/14-11/20
$0.59/lb Grade A turkey 10lb+ with a $35 purchase
$0.99/lb Butterball Turkey 10lb +
$1.59/lb Shady  Brook farms fresh turkey 10lb+
$1.79/lb Butterball fresh whole turkey
$2.99/lb Butterball fresh turkey breast

Aldi: 11/14-11/20
$1.19/lb Butterball turkey10-22lbs
$1.49/lb  Butterball Fresh  whole turkey 13lb avg weight
$7.99 kirkwood boneless turkey breast 48oz

Food Lion: 11/14-11/20
$0.59/lb Jennie O Frozen Turkey
$0.99/lb  Butterball Frozen Turkey
$1.39/lb Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey
$1.59/lb Jennie-O Frozen Turkey Breast

Ingles 11/11-11/24
$0.78/lb Honeysuckle white grade A frozen turkey
$1.98/lb Fresh Butterball Turkeys

Save Alot 11/1-12/1
$1.59 Honeysuckle Turkey Breast 

Publix 11/14-11/20
$0.69/lb Publix Young Turkey
$1.09/lb Butterball Frozen Young Turkey 10-24 avg wt
$1.89/lb Butterball Fresh Turkey

Here are this week's Best Ham prices at stores local to Chattanooga

Aldi: 11/14-11/20
$0.99/lb Appleton Farms Smoked ham-shank portion
$1.19/lb  Appleton Farms smoked ham -butt portion
$1.49/lb  Appleton farms spiral sliced ham

Food Lion: 11/14-11/20
$1.49 my essentials Shank Portion Ham
$1.89/lb my essentials Spiral Sliced Half Ham
$1.99/lb Smithfield Spiral Ham

Bi-Lo: 11/14-11/20
$1.49/lb smoked ham shank portion
$1.69/lb Smithfield Shank Portion Ham
$1.99/lb spiral sliced glazed half ham

Ingles: 11/11-11/24
$1.98/lb Gwantley Spiral sliced half ham
$1.98/lb cades cove whole smoked ham

Publix 11/14-11/20
$2.69/lb Publix Spiral Sliced Ham Half

Here are some coupons and rebates to help you save on your Thanksgiving Feast as well.