Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Parnevu hair care review

My hair can be hard to deal with often times and even though I have tried product after product, I was having trouble finding one that worked best for me.  My daughter's hair is the same way, it kinda runs in the family.  Luckily, I was given the chance to try hair care products from Parnevu.

Parnevu offers many different products that are bound to meet many hair care needs.

PARNEVU Extra Dry Salon Shampoo is pH-balanced and specially formulated to cleanse your hair and scalp of oil buildup without stripping. It  uses gentle cleansing agents derived from coconut oils and palm nuts to effectively remove grease from the hair and scalp. Natural moisturizers penetrate the hair to replace and lock in vital moisture lost due to chemical damage and everyday styling, leaving hair soft and manageable.

PARNEVU Extra Dry After-Shampoo Conditioner  is a unique blend of 14 conditioning agents that absorbs quickly into your hair to restore moisture, and to improve body, strength, and manageability.
The vitamin enriched formula penetrates the cuticle and absorbs deep into the hair's cortex to repair damage. Rich emollients provide moisture to the hair shaft and protects against heat-based styling damage. 

PARNEVU Extra Dry Leave-In Conditioner  is uniquely formulated to prevent split ends, hair breakage, dry scalp, and brittleness. It repairs, conditions, and leaves hair healthy, vibrant, and strong. When used daily, it helps bring your hair back to its natural balance. This leave-in treatment is a light, easily absorbed formula that is an excellent daily treatment for relaxed, permed, tinted, dyed, and chemically-treated hair. Use after every shampoo for continuing protection against split ends or dry, brittle hair.

 The shampoo is a pearly light pink color, the  conditioner is  a pearly white color, and the leave in conditioner is a blue color. They smell pleasant and remind me of salon products.  I love  how much it has changed my hair care routine for the better.

I have seen a huge difference in my hair as well as my daughter's hair.It has made a world of difference.  Our hair is easier to manage and doesn't feel so dry and brittle all the time. It makes styling so much easier and I love that I have found a product that actually makes a difference for both of us.


Purchase it!
You can purchase Parnevu products from their website

Disclosure: I was provided with the products mentioned above at no cost to me for review purposes. All opinions remain my own.