Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Green mountain Coffee Review

Coffee is an important first step in many of our daily lives. Almost everyone I know drinks coffee, including myself. There's something about that hot cup of coffee that kickstarts my day in the right direction. That special smooth blend or your own concoction, either way it's  a special moment each day. it can't get any better than that right? WRONG!

Coffee isn't just another drink, its a connection to the rest of the world.
Green Mountain Coffee passes on the good vibes with Fair trade certified coffee! Now as you drink your morning cup of coffee, you are doing more than enjoying your favorite cup of brew. You are helping the farmers get a fair price for their beans, Improving working conditions,  helping to protect the environment, and even supporting local community development.
As you prepare to conquer your day, you are helping others conquer theirs as well. How great does that sound?

 Green Mountain Coffee is packed with good vibes and Great taste!They have a huge selection of flavors so you are bound to fall in love with more than just one! Many of the flavor are Fair Trade Certified, which is an added bonus for everyone!

They even have seasonal flavors, such as  Pumpkin spice and spicy eggnog. I don't know about you, but I am down for anything eggnog! YUMMY!

With all that, it's not hard to believe that Green Mountain Coffee is the leading brand in K-cup packs for keurig brewers or that they have one of the largest selections of Fair Trade certified Coffees in the US. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters INC.- owner of the Green Mountain Coffee Brand- is the world's leader when it comes to purchasing Fair Trade Certified Coffee. They bought 38 million pounds in 2011 alone! WOW!!! In 2000 they became one of the first companies to sign with the nonprofit certifier fair trade USA, making it  a pioneer in the movement.

I don't know about you, but I think that's something to be proud of!

I was given the opportunity to try 4 of the Fair Trade Varieties and enjoyed each one. My favorite so far is the  Wild Mountain Blueberry. It was super yummy and something about it felt right! I'm not a blueberry fan at it so that one really hit me by surprise!  I also enjoyed the Vermont Country Blend, which is pictured above. Colombian Fair Trade Select was good as well, but I didn't get to try much of it as everyone in my house stole it away quickly. Sumatran reserve was a little strong for my preference, but it was good and I would try it again.
Overall, I am super impressed with Green Mountain Coffee, enough that I am trading my usual brand of coffee in. Out with the old, In with the new!

Purchase it!
You can purchase Green Mountain Coffee products at most grocery stores, walmart, and target. You can also purchase it online directly from their site or from keurig.com

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Disclosure: I received the product(s) above at no cost to me while participating in the Fair Trade Green Mountain Coffee campaign through BzzAgent. All opinions remain my own. #GotItFree


Odessa said...

I really like this coffee to. I have a Keurig & use this brand of K-Cups the most.