Friday, November 2, 2012

Bi-Lo trip 10/31/12

Here's my quick Bi-Lo trip this week.  To be honest, I can't fit any more food in my freezer right now so it was just a small trip.

3 paper towels
20 airwick sprays
meal deal
2 cheez it
2 keebler cookies
2 poptarts
2 krave cereal 
3 Purex detergents
5 dawn
2 Special K popcorn chips
4 herbal essences shampoo
6 chimichanga 
1 salad
2 Hormel snack trays

Coupons used
- hormel snack tray BOGO raincheck
- $3/1 hormel party tray coupon x2
-$3/1 salad coupon
- free chimichanga coupon x6
-BOGO herbal essences coupon x2
-$2 haircare CVS couponx1
-1/2 herbal essences target coupon x1
-0.50/1 Dawn coupon x5
-$0.70/1 popcorn chips coupon x2
-$1/1 Purex detergent coupon x3
-$1.50/1 krave cereal coupon x1
-$0.50/1 poptarts coupon x2
-$0.50/1 keebler cookies coupon x2
-$1/1 cheez-it coupon x2
-$1/1 cracker or cookie item coupon x4
-$1.50/1 stouffers family size meal coupon x1
-$2/2 airwick coupon x10
- free paper towel coupon x3
- bag credit x4 

Total Spent: $28.54 ($7.01 of that was tax)
Total saved : $128.70


Chatton_17 said...

so how do u get 3 of the paper towels, im guessing the survey right? is it one per computer, or everytime i shop, can i do the survey and download a coupon, cause sometimes i might make 2 trips in one week and the free item is still the same and im guessing the barcode would be the too, i dont know, thx.

thischattanoogamommysaves said...

Hi Chatton_17 :)
Each time you shop at the bottom of your receipt you will see a survey. You can take the survey online and print out a coupon each time. So if you do 5 different transactions, you can do each survey and get 5 coupons.

When you use the coupons though, you can only do one per transaction. The above trip was broken down into 5 transactions though because of the airwick coupon restrictions.

The survey changes about once every 30 days or so.. and I usually post when  a new one is out. 

Hope that helps :)