Monday, October 8, 2012

Staying Organized at the Store

Staying organized while couponing is one of he most important parts. If you aren't organized, you can miss a ton of deals and mess up your order(s).

When I make my shopping lists, I try to break it down into different transactions if needed, depending on how large of a trip I am doing.( My store has a line limit on the receipt so I try to make sure  I am under the limit.)   I organize my list into transactions and then place the coupons for each transaction into a different folder.  On the front of each folder I make a list on a sticky note that contains all of the products that will be on that transaction.  (I use the avery folders seen above. You can see they are labeled "Order one, two, etc...")

You can use small folders, an accordian style folder, envelopes, etc. what ever helps you keep your transactions separated.

If you don't separate your shopping trip into multiple transactions, it is still important to keep all of the coupons you plan to use in that shopping trip together. You can use a  folder or envelope to do this as well.  It keeps them separated that way when you get to the register, you aren't flipping through looking for the coupons you need, instead you just pull them out of the folder.

This also comes into play when you spot unadvertised deals in the store. You can simply pull the coupons you need out of your binder and place them in the folder.