Monday, October 22, 2012

Dentists like coupons too!

I had to take my boys to the dentist for a checkup last Thursday and you won't believe what I found! COUPONS!!!
 Yep, that's right! On the back of the goodie bag they gave the boys were 3 coupons for oral care!

$2/1 Crest pro-health rinse 946ml+ EXP 12/31/12
$1/1 oral B glide floss or  oral B floss picks 30ct+ EXP 12/31/12
$1/1 Oral B pro health manual toothbrush EXP 12/31/12

This just goes to show you that coupons are everywhere! 
Where's the oddest place you have found  coupons lately?


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