Monday, October 1, 2012

CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Wipes Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm constantly wiping things down. I don't consider myself a germ freak or anything, but I carry some type of wipes with me at all times. I have baby wipes in my car as well as wipes in my kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. I also carry a small pack in my purse at all times. 

I have fallen in love with Clean Well All Natural hand sanitizing wipes. They  are made with all natural ingredients that are easy on Earth and easy on our skin! They are great for hands, faces,  and more. They kill germs  while leaving your skin super soft.

The first thing I noticed was the cute individual packs. They are ideal for anyone, anywhere, anytime, literally. I found them useful at home as well as on the go, especially on the go. Plus, I don't have to worry about any of them drying out being that they are individually wrapped, plus it saves me from worrying about my toddler getting into them.  To top it off, the packs are so easy to open, simply tear across the top and your wipe is there, ready for you to use!

Upon opening them, I fell in love with the citrus scent. It quickly reminded me of a lemon head candy. It was the perfect scent that wasn't overpowering, but made it pleasant to use.  I also love the size of the wipe. They are a fairly nice size that is very durable. I tried to rip it just to see how strong it is and was very surprised! They are strong and durable! 

These are great to use on your children or sensitive skin  because you won't have to worry about the wipes drying their skin out as it contains no alcohol.  That's probably one of the worst things about sanitizing wipes which makes Clean Well Wipes far ahead in the competition.
I also love that it hasn't been tested on animals!

CleanWell is made with a patented formulation of thyme oil. There are several benefits of using thyme. Thyme grows in various regions around the world without the use of pesticides. It grows fast, which provides harvesting jobs for many. It has a long history of use as a medicinal plant to ward off sickness.  It has been used as an antiseptic for thousands of years in Roman, Greek, and Indian medicine. As a culinary herb, thyme is well established in the cuisine of every culture where the plant grows wild.

A little Thyme history
"Ancient Egyptians used thyme in religious rituals and the Greeks used it in baths and as temple incense.  They believed that it was a source of courage which may have led to the medieval practice of placing thyme under the pillow to prevent nightmares and aid in sleep.  Knights and warriors carried scarves embroidered with Thyme into battle to bring them courage and strength." -cleanwelltoday

Active ingredient: thymus vulgaris oil (thymol 0.05%)
Inactive Ingredients:Aloe Barbadensis (aloe) leaf juice, citric acid, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) oil,  citrus limonum (lemon) oil, Copper PCA, hydrolyzed oats, litsea cubeba( litsea) oil, origanum vulgare (oregano) oil,  sodium citrate, sodiium coco sulfate, sodium decylglucosides hydroxypropyl sulfonate, water.

Clean Well also offers other products ranging from hand soaps, disinfectants, and more.

Purchase Clean Well
You can purchase Clean Well at many locations including Earthfare, Kroger, GNC, , and more for  a Suggested retail price of $29.99 for a 50 pack box. Make sure to find a store located near you.

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Disclosure: I received the product(s) above at no cost to me to review through the naturals  VoxBox from Influenster.  All opinions remain my own.
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