Monday, September 3, 2012

Bi-Lo Shopping trip 8/31/12

I had a  decent shopping trip this week at Bi-lo. I didn't need much at my house, but I did grab a few of the deals.

Here's what I got this week:

 4 lays chips
2 hotdog buns
1 OJ
2 ChiChi tortillas
1 capri Sun
2 International Delight coffee creamer
7 mayo
 3 kraft cheese
1 chips ahoy
8 seafood snackers
1 pillsbury egg sandwich
1 slaw mix
2 yosicles
1 hand sanitizer
1 autry seafood breading

Used $0.50/1 seafood snacker x8
Used free OJ coupon x1
Used free hand sanitizer coupon x1
Used $0.50/1 chips ahoy x1
Used $1/1 Chips ahoy publix coupon x1
Used $1.50/1 International delight x2
Used $1/1 capri sun x1
Used $0.75/1 Capri Sun Publix coupon x1
Used 1/2 mayo walgreens coupon x3
Used $1/1 mayo publix coupon x1
Used $1/1 mayo coupon x7
Used $1/2 ChiChi coupon x1
Used $0.55/1 pillsbury egg sandwich coupon x1
Used $0.55/1 pillsbury egg sandwich bi-lo ecoupon
Used $2/2 popsicle products publix coupon x1
Used $1/1 yosicle product x2
Used  $0.50/1 autry breading x1
Used $10 catalina from a previous trip 


Total Spent: $23.48
Total Saved: $93.52
*Plus, i got a catalina for $10 off my next order

** the other items in the pic are from a different shopping trip that I will post later :)

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