Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Combat Review and Giveaway!

I totally have to admit, I am not a bug person at all. I don't like any bugs, especially ants.  They are annoying and once you have one, you have a million.  I hate coming into the kitchen to find a trail of little black ants coming from the window or anywhere else.. I have tried many options to get rid of ants, but none of them seemed to have worked for me,.Luckily Combat  has several products specifically for ants!

Combat source kill Max ant gel is easy to use  and works quickly. It's formulated to effectively control ants and is the first of it's kind. It contains Fipronil, a fast acting ingredient.  While it works fast, it's still slow enough that it allows the ants to return to their colony , which will help kill off the entire colony. It works within hours and will last for up to a month.  You simply place the gel  near ant trails, next to their nest, or in suspected ant activity. You can also place it as a crack/crevice treatment for indoor and outdoor control of ants.

 It comes out as a golden  colored gel that lasts  a good while. I have noticed that I don't have as many ants on my porch since I placed it in the doorway.

Every morning I used to wake up with a counter full of ants. The bad thing was, I don't leave food out, I sweep every night, I don't have a water leak, and I make sure to dry the counters and sink before I go to bed; so why in the world I have a bad ant problem.. I don't know! Luckily Combat source kill max ant bait has taken away that worry!

 These little bait stations contain an effective insecticide, which will kill most ants that are commonly found in homes.  The ants enter the bait station and take some of the bait back to the colony, which will then help kill off the colony as well.  There are no odors and no residue. It works quickly  and is long lasting.  You place the bait stations  near ant trails, or where you frequently see ants as well as where you see them entering your home.  Replace the bait stations every 3 months to keep ants from returning.  Each pack has 6 stations that you can spread out around your house.

Ever since I placed these baits out, I have not seen one ant on my counter! What a relief! I'm really impressed with the combat products because they work, unlike many of the other options we have tried.
I also love that I don't have to worry about the fumes or residue like I do with the many spray options. This is a mess free option that is much safer for my family.

 Combat is holding a $1000 sweeps ! One lucky winner will win $1000 to hold their very own  bug free backyard bash! They will also receive an assortment of Combat products to ensure ants don't spoil their bash.  All you have to do is watch a  short clip and fill out the form for your chance to be that lucky winner! Good Luck!

One lucky TCMS reader will  get to try combat out for them selves.  Simply fill out the form below for your chance to win before 9/14
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Disclosure:  Combat provided me with  a free sample  of their  Ant bait and gel so I could review them. However,  all of the opinions expressed here are my own. 

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Odessa said...

I hate those tiny ants that seem to come into my kitchen & dining rm every spring & stay throughout the summer

TiffyPixie said...

I hate roaches!

Les Johnson said...

I don't like roaches or water bugs. Yuck!