Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BOA: BankAmeriDeals

I hardly ever login to online banking mainly because I do everything from my phone. The other day I had to login and found out that Bank of America has this hot new cash back program, BankAmeriDeals.

It works much like any other cash-back program by giving you cash-back on your purchases. All you have to do is login and select the offers you want to add to your card.  Then Shop as you normally do to take advantage of your cash-back offers. Pending cash back is credited to your checking or credit card account monthly.

Everyone's offers can be different as they are picked for your shopping habits. They try to offer you places you previously shopped at or places that are similar. Right now my offers include 15% back on AĆ©ropostale, 15% at Redbox,  and More! Offers change  all the time so make sure to check back to add new ones as they become available.

I thought this was really neat and I am super excited to get started, especially with back to school being right around the corner!

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