Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dot Girl: First Period Kit Review

 Changes within your body can always be scary. I remember being in 4th grade sitting in class when I  got my very first cycle ever.   When I reached the bathroom to learn that I was bleeding, I freaked out ~ to say the least. I called my grandma ( I was living with her at the time) and told her I was dying.  She laughed at me and came and got me from school. When I got home she gave me pads that were atleast an inch thick and were so uncomfortable. To top that off, if it wasn't for the pictures on the instructions inside the pack, I wouldn't have even had a clue how to use them! I had to ask my teacher a few days later to see what was going on and they let me sit in on the 5th grade class about the "monthly cycle".

What I went through learning about   my monthly cycle was embarrassing, well more like humiliating! Luckily preteens learn earlier now  and can be more prepared! I have a daughter and when the time comes, I want to be the one to explain it all to her. I don't want her to learn from a teacher or a friend or anyone else. I want to know I played my part in educating her about her own body and the changes she will go through. 

I have no idea how I will approach the idea, but luckily Dot girl first period kit will be by my side.   This nifty cute pack holds everything a girl needs for her first cycle.  It can be fit into her backpack or maybe even her purse. 

Inside you will find  5 pads,  2 individually wrapped wipes,  and 5 disposal bags.

You will also find a period answer book. It is filled with common questions girls will have about their periods such as: Will I start at the same time as my friends?, Will it hurt?, How long it will last, and much more.  I found it to be very informative and educational.

It also contained a reusable heating pad which I found to be amazing!
You can see in the pic above where I activated it.Once activated the clear will turn to a creamy white.

In this pic you can see the piece that you have to bend to activate the heating pad.
I had to snap this piece with the edge of my desk to activate it. Once I did, it became warm and turned a creamy white rather than the clear.

Overall I found the kit to be very helpful and organized. It's great for any girl who is about to start her cycle and helps make things clear for her. I would actually label it as a necessity for anyone who has a daughter, especially if you need a little help in the right direction in regards to talking to your daughter about this important change.

Purchase it:
You can purchase Dot girl First Period kit for $14.95 directly  from their site.

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Disclosure:I was provided with the above product at no cost to me for review purposes. All opinions remain my own.

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