Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bi-lo trip 1/18/12

( yes that's my daughter  trying to sneak off with a yogurt!)

This week's ad was refreshing. Not  overwhelming but still some good deals. Here is what I grabbed.

14 Smartones
4 alexia fries
6 lunchables with fruit
2 birds eye veggies
4 Aunt Jemima waffles/pancakes
coles garlic bread
Nestle toll house cookie dough
8 yocrunch yogurt
white sauce- if you don't know what this is.. you are missing out!

-.65/4 yocrunch coupon x2
-free nestle toll house cookie wyb party size stouffers
-1/2 Aunt Jemima x2
-.50/1 birds eye veggies x2
-.50/1 lunchables coupon x6
-3/10 smartones coupon x1
-3/10 smartones target coupon x1
-.55/1 weight watchers item x4
-1/1 alexia fries coupon x4
-1/1 alexia product target coupon x4

Total Spent: $55.99
Total Saved: $111.69


Mai said...

White sauce haha

TCMS said...

it's the japanese white sauce stuff .. it's amazing!!!!

and i totally just realized i forgot to list the cereal lol.. need to go back and add it lol