Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bi-Lo shopping trip 11/16/11

A new week of deals! Who's ready for the shopping trip roundup?

Here's what I got last night.
( I plan on going back later this week to grab other deals but this is what I grabbed on this trip)

1 starbucks 4 pack ( i was in a HUGE need for a little energy)
multigrain cheerios
10 nesquik
1 bread
crunch n munch
1 act II popcorn
1 juicy juice
2 crispex cereal
1 kettle chips
1 marshmallows
2 cranberry sauce
1 ham
1 MA lasagna
6 Carolina pride hotdogs
5 tennessee pride sausage gravy
2 jimmy dean sausage
1 milk

Total Spent: 30.17
Total saved: 84.66


Anonymous said...

how much is the Nesquick? grace

Anonymous said...

never mind, I just saw your answer in the other post, great!! I have like 10 of those coupons too, I am going to stock up. thanks for sharing!

Chantal @ TCMS said...

YW! yeah it's a really good coupon deal. especially since my 3 year old LOVES it. I still have a few of those coupons left. I grab a few everytime i go in.