Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eden Fantasys: Don't Stress With a Busy Schedule

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Warning: This post contains links for adult 18 years of age and older.

Eden fantasys offers a huge selection of adult products.
Anything you can imagine, they have it!
Toys, massage kits, Candles, ..EVERYTHING!
Edenfantasys is easy to navigate and offers many options to help spice up your relationship and love life.

Eden Fantasys has tons of sales all the time and I have come to love shopping around their sales. No matter what it is you are looking for, you are bound to find the product you want.  Right now, they have a  hot sale on one of my favorite brands, BOOTY PARLOR! Booty Parlor really has something to fit any woman and that is the main thing that drew me to their products. They are truly amazing.

Of course the holidays are approaching us quickly so many of us, including myself, are juggling kids in school, toddlers, sports schedules, homework, housework, a full/part time job, and much more  on top of preparing for the many holidays that are coming  back to back.

 Yesterday my mom mentioned that I was running myself tired and that I needed to take a step back and you know what, she was right! I have been so consumed with a toddler, 2 school aged kids, football practices, my daughter's birthday bash, and so much more.  What better way to sit back and relax for a minute than by a nice relaxing bubble bath and massage!   

Booty Parlor's Don't stop massage oil is by far the BEST I have ever tried. It glides smoothly across your skin without leaving an oily residue. Best of all, it smells AMAZING! it will quickly relax you  with no worries at all! You will forget where you are at  and be in your own little world!

Booty parlor also has an amazing bubble bath called naughty bubbles. Almost every woman loves a nice relaxing bubble bath. There's nothing else that can quite get us relaxed and  let our body be at ease like a bubble bath can. It's rare that I get more than 2 seconds alone, but when I can sneak a bubble bath in, Naught Bubbles is the only one I use!

So you want a nice massage, but with a little warmth? Booty Parlor meets your needs as well with their amazing Don't stop massage candle. It's the perfect scent and that added warmth will take you over the edge. It helps relax those tense muscles and really gets you in your own space. I have to admit, I love massage candles more than I do massage oils. I mean either works, but the extra warmth the candles provide just adds that extra UMPH we are all looking for!

Head on over to check out all that Eden Fantasys has to offer YOU!
EdenFantasys is a 18+ site

Disclosure: I was provided with a gift code to Edenfantasys.com in exchange for my review. However, all opinions remain my own.

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