Friday, January 27, 2012

EdenFantasys: great for new moms!

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I feel like I am surrounded in baby world right now. My sister in law just had my beautiful niece, many fo my friends just had babies. and  those who didn't just have them, have kids under 2!  So yes, Surrounded! Quite a few of my friends have asked me how I did it, How I got back into the groove after having a baby. Honestly, I don't know how because it took me forever!
We all know, or can imagine, that feeling. Things just aren't the same after having a baby. We feel like or bodies have been through a grinder and our sleep deprived nights make us ill. 
C'mon  it isn't easy being a new mom.

One of my favorite products right now is the Smartballs Teneo duo. They are colorful which is a  huge plus, especially since it comes in pink!  I love that  you can insert them and pretty much forget about them, They do all the work! No discomfort at all. These really helped me "get it together" after having my baby girl.  If you are a first time user to vaginal exerciser balls, I would suggest starting out with the Smartballs Teneo uno.
There are tons of  vaginal exerciser balls to choose from, Smartballs just happens to be my favorite of them all.
We all know how busy being a new mom is.  
Between feeding, changing diapers,  and everything else, we have NO time for ourselves!
I know I didn't, I could barely take a bath without interruptions. Sleep was out of the question, baths were out of the question, it was HARD! Now, I wasn't lucky enough to have The romantic rendezvous lovekit
when I first had my daughter, but it is a definite must have! the oil is so relaxing! it smells AMAZING and it's perfect. The bubble bath will help give you that moment of "ah! me time" that we all search for.

While there are many products I recommend and  love, these are just two  of my favorite products that I would totally  recommend to new moms, and everyone else.

Head on over to check out all that Eden Fantasys has to offer YOU!
EdenFantasys is a 18+ site

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